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Find hidden patterns and forecast trends.  If you have the data SwingNN will do the forecasting.

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A new approach to forecasting using a series of related neural networks.  Multiple neural networks are created and trained.  Each new neural network learns from the results produced by the previous one.  The neural network that produces the most accurate results is selected and used to forecast results beyond the existing range.

Your data is imported into a grid.  The grid is then used to build and train a neural network.  The neural network input values are then forced to swing beyond their limits.  The unknown output values are forecasted by the neural network.  Then a new neural network is created using the new inputs and forecasted outputs.  The two neural networks are compared.  The inputs are adjusted and another new neural network is created.  The process continues until a neural network produces the best results.  The new neural network is then used to produce more forecasts.  The forecasts produced are validated and then added to the grid.  All the values in the grid can be exported for you to use in any way you want.


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